Todd Davis

I have had a love affair with beautiful photos since my boyhood. The advent of the internet brought the world of photography into my hands, and I found myself perusing the pictures of amazing photographers at every opportunity. I am still in awe at the magic the camera has to capture a moment in time, and to communicate in a single image what a thousand words could never convey. I knew that one day I wanted to be the person behind the camera, taking those beautiful pictures.

I have spent the last few years of my life perfecting my craft. Photography is an art that you never master - there is always something new to learn, new ideas to try, new techniques to master, new technologies to employ. Anyone can learn to focus a lens, set the shutter speed, change the aperture settings. The art is in the composition of the photo. A photographer sees lines and curves and shapes. They see light and dark, shadow and shine. We find the romance in a summer's afternoon, the grunge in a downtown building, the joy in a perfect flower set with morning dew... it is our job to see the unseen through the lens, and bring it to life.

I love to work with people. Nothing delights me more than getting to know someone, and finding a way to capture their essence in a photo. Our bodies, our faces, nothing tells our story like the way we smile, the way we hold our bodies and curve our backs, and show the depth of our souls within our eyes. I love to help people pose, and to make them laugh and smile in a genuine way. 

-Todd Davis